How to Latex a Floor

How to add latex to a floor and ensure a good finish, as well as a good bond.

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How to Fit Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tile installation is mostly about careful measurement and treatment of the adhesive. We’ll take you through the steps on how to fit LVT in this post.

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The Complete Guide to Fitting Carpet Tiles

We look at which materials you can stick carpet tiles to and which environments work best. We also recommend adhesives and the best brands for sticking carpet tiles on different flooring and underlay.

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How Do I Change My Carpet If I Have Furniture?

Although it may sound daunting to replace your office carpet if you have furniture it is actually not.  We have carried out this service every weekend for over 20 years and have mastered it so it is stress-free for our clients.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Laminate for an Office Floor

Laminate flooring is a thin photo impressed plank onto a composite board with a transparent wear layer over the top. When clients come to us asking for laminate for their office flooring, we explain what it is and then discuss better products for them. Here are the 5 key reasons why not to use laminate flooring in your offices

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