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Bourne at 70 Pall Mall

This project saw Selby team up with our long term partners Bourne office space to assist them with this stunning refurbishment at 70 Pall Mall. This was a really tricky project installing Amtico French Weave panels around the entire Atrium space over 5 floors and getting it all to meet up perfectly. This took some real time skill from our installation teams but as usual, they did not disappoint. Each panel of the Amtico French Weave consists of 16 different pieces of vinyl that have to be pain painstakingly put together on-site but as you can see this showcases what an amazing look that you can achieve in the right environment with this product. In the offices and staircase, our client opted once again for their favourite carpet tile and Selby's all-time best seller Milliken Nordic Stories Tectonic which looks absolutely amazing.