Selby Contract Flooring

Old Recycling

Get your flooring installed by an environmentally friendly company. We don’t supply company cars, we travel by bike/foot or public transport, keeping our carbon footprint very low.

We use Junkwize, a company specialising in environmental rubbish clearance for all of our collections in London.

Carpet Tiles

9,650 square metres, saved from landfill and recycling so far…

Old and new, are palletised if whole tiles, or placed into 1 cub metre bags if offcuts. Yarn is directed to yarn producers for recycling. Bitumen backing to the road, and roofing industry, or to produce new energy.


6 tonnes of Cardboard, and 1.5 tonnes of heavy duty carpet Polythene wrapping, saved from landfill, and recycled so far… Cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, and heavy duty carpet polythene wrapping are compressed into bales, using our warehouse compactor. The bales are turned back into cardboard packaging, and the polythene recycled.

Wooden Pallets

150 pallets collected for re-use so far… The wooden pallets on which the carpet tiles are delivered, are stacked in our warehouse.

Carpet Offcuts

25 cubic metres will be saved from landfill, and recycled so far… Our carpet offcuts are packed into 1 cubic metre bags, and shipped to an underfelt manufacturer in Lancashire where the pile is shaved from the backing and reused.


Over 12 cubic metres will be saved from landfill so far… Offcuts of rubber are packed into 1 cubic metre bags ready for collection by a rubber underlay manufacturer in Northants and reprocessed.

Vinyl Safety Flooring, Standard Vinyl, and LVT Offcuts

2 tonnes of vinyl were saved from landfill and recycled so far… These pieces are packed into 1 cubic metre bags and sent for various recycling, such as traffic cones.