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Price Guide for Commercial Flooring

This pricing guide is to help you develop an initial budget and plan for the investment in your new floor.

With every type of flooring, there are many factors we have to consider. The base/sub-floor can normally need preparation. This could be hardboard, ply or latex screed. Is there old flooring that needs to be uplifted and taken away? We work with many recycling programs to keep as much out of the landfill as possible.

How much does office carpet cost?

Whether you require flooring for a temporary exhibition or an exclusive meeting room the price will dramatically vary. Below are some very approximate rates that vary with quality and quantity.

  • Exhibition Carpet: £6-£10m²
  • Communal Carpet: £13-£20m²
  • Hotel Bedroom carpet: £20-£25m²
  • Office meeting room carpet: £25-£35m²

Fitting prices vary again depending on the type of installation. This can vary from £8-£14m² Some carpets require an underlay. We recommend a 7mm heavy contract version for £3.50m²

How much does carpet tiles cost?

Three factors vary the price of carpet tiles.

  1. Quantity required. Manufacturers vary the prices we buy carpet tiles are depending on whether they are producing and delivering one box or one pallet of 20 boxes.
  2. Quality & design of the yarn. The two main yarns are polypropylene and nylon. Nylon gives a longer contract rating and also a castor chair rating. Polypropylene does not.
  3. The backing of the tile. The majority of manufacturers use a bitumen backing but some use a luxury backing to give more comfort and better acoustic properties.

Basic carpet tiles: £10-£15.00m² Heavy contract tiles: £14.00-£20.00m² Cushion back heavy contract tiles: £16.00-£35.00m²

How much does safety flooring cost?

When we carry out projects for safety flooring the material is normally the least relevant on price. The costs come more from the base/bub floor preparation and the installation costs. Safety Flooring material costs are normally between £15-23.00m² Other variants to cost are ‘sit on skirting’ or cap and coving depending on where the vinyl flooring is to be installed.

How much does vinyl tile flooring cost?

Vinyl tiles are brands like Amtico & Karndean. There are also brands like Milliken and IVC Commercial that we regularly specify.

Each manufacturer has different ranges with different price brackets. We can help find the best one for you.

Prices vary from £15m² to £30m² of a wood plank or stone effect. Herringbone or special effect vary from £35.00-£70.00m².

Warning!! Material cost is usually not the biggest factor in the whole project. Uplift, disposal/recycle, subfloor preparation, adhesives & fitting normally adds up to more than the product. This is why we recommend for us to come out and do a free survey & quotation. Contact us to arrange.