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Energy Efficient Flooring

Today more than ever we are all conscious of the amount of energy we use daily. Flooring in both residential and commercial buildings can contribute to increasing or reducing the amount of energy used. Our sales team here at Selby has the exceptional industry knowledge to be able to advise on how your commercial building can be as energy efficient as possible. Make energy savings!



Carpets retain 12% more heat than hard floorings so are therefore a great option for ensuring energy efficiency. Carpet fibres are natural insulators with low heat conduction values. This means that they conserve heat very well, whilst any efforts to heat or cool a room (such as a draft) will face fierce resistance when it comes to the carpet surface. Combined with a good underlay recommended by our sales team makes carpeting the best option when looking for an energy-efficient flooring solution.

hotel room with energy efficient carpet flooring

Carpet Brands

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

LVTs are constructed using several different layers so, therefore, are a great choice if you’re looking to make your space as energy-efficient as possible. The multiple layers mean that there is a lot of material for any heat to escape through as well as consisting of many microlevels of air trapped between the layers.

serviced office with energy efficient luxury vinyl flooring
Serviced Offices

LVT Brands

Real & Engineered Wood

Engineered wood with a foam base tends to be a more energy-efficient option. Rather than the type of wood used, the difference in energy efficiency is the choice of a good underlay.

School with energy efficient underlay and real wood flooring
London office with energy efficient underlay and engineered wood flooring

Wood Flooring Brands

Energy Efficient Flooring


Altro - LVT
Amtico - LVT
Axminster - Carpet
Balsan - Carpet
Brintons - Carpet
Burmatex - Carpet
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Modulyss - Carpet
Polyflor - LVT
Shaw Contract - Carpet, LVT and Wood
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