Selby Contract Flooring

Lift & Shift Installation

Let us fit your new floor without disruption or down-time, using our lift and shift equipment. Leave the office for the evening, arrive at work the next day as normal.

Commercial Office Installation | Leave the office for the evening

1) Leave the office for the evening

Our lift and shift floor-laying method allows us to install new flooring over night without disturbing your office.

2) We don't touch your furniture

We remove your old flooring without touching any of your furniture. We quickly remove your old flooring while using our lift and shift equipment to keep your furniture in place.

Commercial Office Installation | We lay down your new flooring

3) We lay down new flooring

Our fitters carefully lay down your beautiful new flooring. Your furniture is raised a few millimetres off the floor as we work.

4) Arrive at work as normal

With our lift and shift flooring installation the only thing your c-staff will notice is that their office has fresh new flooring installed over night.

Commercial Office Installation | Arrive the next day as normal

What is Lift and Shift?

Traditionally the task of replacing flooring in an occupied workspace can be a difficult and expensive process. To get the carpet or vinyl tiles on the floor the furniture has to be off the floor which would normally involve lots of bodies to manually handle the furniture or a furniture company to come in and dismantle it prior to the flooring being installed. Either of these options is not only costly to your organisation in a modular workstation environment but also carry a higher risk of injury or damage. Then there is downtime from disconnecting and reconnecting computers to take into account.

What is the solution for changing your flooring with furniture?

Today’s work environment is designed for high productivity with as little downtime as possible and this is why so many organisations choose to use modular workstations and flooring. With our Lift and Shift technology, Selby Contract Flooring has the right solution for you. Selby can lift and lower your office desks and workstations and cabinets without the need for dismantling them, moving them to a different area and the majority of the time without the need to disconnect or reconnect any IT equipment! We provide cost-effective solutions to achieve minimum downtime and boost productivity for your organisation. We can carry out this service any time day or night 24/7 at a time that suits you. Do you know that this service can save you up to 25% on the cost of new flooring?? Why not check out our Gallery of Lift and Shift clients who have used this service on our website.

Will this service work for my organisation?

The short answer is no, which may surprise you. This service will predominantly be for modular floorings such as carpet tiles and Free lay luxury vinyl tiles where we are uplifting the same modular materials that we will be installing. If you are having sheet vinyl or carpet installed the floor will certainly need some preparation work which means the floor will need to be clear, another reason why modular flooring is so popular nowadays.

How does the Lift and Shift service work?

Let’s start with our hydraulic lifting equipment. Selby Contract Flooring have 2 different types of Hydraulic lifters. The first is a lifter with legs that can lift either desks or cabinets. This lifter requires 6 inches of space under a desk or cabinet to run the legs under before lifting starts. Our second lifter is designed purely for desks and is much smaller but can be used together to lift many joined desks at the same time. On top of our hydraulics we have other equipment to help raise desk partitions and to slide cabinets across the floor.

What can not be lifted by equipment?

Any cupboards or cabinets that are too low to the floor to slide the lifters legs under can not be lifted by our equipment. These would have to be moved manually with the assistance of sliders. To do this the cabinets or cupboards would need to be emptied prior to our arrival. Also, any cabinets or cupboards that are fixed to the wall could not be lifted or moved but would have to be fitted around. Sometimes we can not lift a desk if there is not enough cable length which would potentially cause any damage to the cables or equipment when lifted.

What does this service cost and how do we know it would work for us?

Every project is different due to its size and layout and the type and amount of furniture on site. Why not take advantage of our free site survey and quotation service where we can assess your workplace and give you an accurate cost. We can assess your furniture on-site and let you know if our lift and shift service can work for you.

How can we prepare for the Lift and Shift service to take place?

Most of the time a lift and shift service will take place out of hours at evenings, nights or weekends. With this in mind, we have created a handy Lift and Shift checklist letting you know everything you need to do to be prepared for our visit. On top of this, we always carry out a full pre-install survey to run through the project and what we can all do to support each other during this process to ensure everything runs as smoothly. We can also supply Desk card reminders to let all your staff know exactly what they are to do to help be ready for the install!

What type of floor fitting do you need?

We come across every different floor working in London. From office carpet tiles on metal pan floors to basement kitchens that need a DPM, latex screed and new safety flooring installed.

Part of our service is a free site survey where we can assess what you require. We consider how long the works are likely going to take and which materials are needed.

A large part of our business involves fitting office carpet tiles in commercial areas where there is furniture in situ. Fitting flooring around furniture is no problem for us, and we use hydraulic lifting equipment, sliders and straps to work our way around this problem.

Client Workstation/Office Preparation Checklist

  • Have you emptied cabinets that will be manually handled?
  • Have you emptied any shelves that will be in our way?
  • Are fixed cabinets being moved? If so have you emptied them?
  • Have loose items on cabinets been boxed away?
  • Have cabinets with restricted access been emptied and locked?
  • Are bookcases cleared and packed away?
  • Are all loose items on desks boxed up?
  • Are loose items under desk boxed?
  • Have you labelled your own chair and desk?
  • Is all loose paperwork packed away?
  • Is all IT or video equipment that is housed inside cabinets disconnected?
  • Are computers turned off?
  • After boxing all items around your workstation please leave your box on your desk?