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IVC Commercial creates productive workspaces, elevates the retail experience, lays the groundwork for education and excels in hygiene, slip resistance and style. Whatever your project, IVC Commercial has a flooring solution to suit your needs. Going beyond flooring to deliver quality, creativity, durability and sustainability in every sector. IVC vinyl floors and carpet tiles work well everywhere.

The Selby team has direct access to the IVC Commercial London showroom so why not book a visit today.

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IVC Commercial Flooring

IVC Commercial offers a wide range of high quality vinyl floor and carpet tiles to suit any project. Each carpet tile is designed with flexibility and the ability to deliver comfort, supporting the wellbeing and comfort of users. Their LVT collections provide a natural looking floor without the hassle. Luxury vinyl tiles are the perfect solution for your project. Waterproof, tough, easy to install and simple to maintain, these multi-layer floors provide an authentic alternative with performance advantages.

Yes, IVC Commercial is doing more to develop a circular approach to the future of flooring by designing and manufacturing innovative commercial solutions made with the future in mind. Following a journey to zero impact by 2040, IVC are working towards cutting out CO2 emissions and achieving closed-loop production for carpet tiles, LVT and heterogeneous vinyl floors.

Yes, since 1997, IVC Group has been recycling vinyl waste generated in the manufacture of products. Salvaging vinyl scraps and surplus vinyl paste, re-using it in the production of LVT and heterogenous vinyl. Along with the world industry’s largest PVC recycling facility, IVC processes in excess of 100,000 tonnes of PVC waste every year.

Yes, IVC products support productivity and wellbeing within an office environment. 

The modern workplace faces a sizable challenge in supporting productivity and wellbeing across a huge diversity of ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. IVC carpet tiles and LVT solutions are a response to this need, bringing modern office flooring that supports workers in their comfort and tasks while building a positive emotional response to the space.


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Looking for the best flooring solution for your commercial project? IVC Commercial offers a wide range of collections suitable for all sectors including offices, retail, education, healthcare etc.

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About IVC Commercial

Earning Your Trust Through our Accountability

IVC Commercial, find out what’s important to you and make it important to them. By understanding your needs and providing solutions to your challenges, they earn your trust and make life better for customers in the actions we take.

Through IVC floors designed to have a positive impact on wellbeing and productivity, helping to create environments that meet the needs of all customers.


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