Selby Contract Flooring


We’re doing our bit to create a sustainable future one carpet tile at a time.

Carpet Tile Recycling

9,650 square metres, saved from landfill and recycling so far…

Old and new, are palletised if whole tiles, or placed into 1 cub metre bags if offcuts. Yarn is directed to yarn producers for recycling. Bitumen backing to the road, and roofing industry, or to produce new energy.

Carpet tiles made from recycled materials

We’re a proud member of Carpet Recycling UK

Our Process

Do you know what happens with your used flooring, when you refurbish your space? Selby will make sure your used carpet tiles don’t go into landfill. Instead, we put them to good use.

1. Ready to Update Your Flooring

Book a free site visit with our team who will provide a free quotation for your space.

2. Selby Team Uplift

The existing flooring is uplifted, collected and arranged.

3. Dispose of your old carpet

Each type of flooring is reused, recycled, repurposed or recovered.

4. Your old flooring ends in in a new carpet or in other recycling streams at no additional cost

No additional cost!

5. We issue you with an official recycling certificate

You receive a certificate to document your commitment to reducing waste.

Reusing For A Sustainable Future

At Selby we also work with charities, community groups and housing associations, making sure the flooring benefits those who really need it. To find out how we can help create more value with your used carpet, contact the team today.
Carpet Recycling