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Interface, Inc. is a global commercial flooring company with a vast collection of carpet tiles, resilient flooring, LVT and nora® rubber flooring. Interface uses a modular system that helps customers create interior spaces while positively impacting the people who use them and the planet.

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Interface Commercial Flooring

Interface offers a variety of flooring options to help you create the aesthetic you want while mitigating noise. Soft surface flooring, like their carpet tiles, offer exceptional sound absorption and are ideal for areas that require quiet for focus or privacy.

Interface is the first global flooring manufacturer to sell all products as carbon neutral across their full life cycle. When you choose Interface flooring, you’re on the path to a more sustainable space. You’re choosing to reduce the carbon footprint of your space and help improve the health of the planet.

Interface products are designed with purpose, drawing creative influence from the world around us, inspired by everything from the restorative nature of biophilic design principles to glitched graphics and technicolour circuitry, bringing you flooring that looks good and does good.

There are many benefits to choosing Interface flooring including – being carbon neutral, durable, versatile, improving indoor air quality, offering superior acoustics and are excellent value for money.

Interface believes flooring is more than something you walk on, its an opportunity to push the boundaries of design.

All Interface products come with a 15-year warranty.


Interface Projects

Selby has installed a range of Interface products over the years including carpet tiles and LVT. Individual tiles can be swapped with ease if damaged, or if you simply want a change they’re easy to mix and match!

Carpet Tiles
Carpet Tiles & LVT
Carpet Tiles
Carpet Tiles & LVT

About Interface

Creating a Climate Fit For Life

From the production of their products to the relationships they have with their customers, the way Interface works is driven by their mission to help restore the health of the planet. The journey to more sustainable business practices is ongoing, as is their commitment to running their business in a way that creates a climate fit for life.

Over a 25-year plus sustainability journey, Interface has evolved both the thinking and the approach. Originally, the focus was solely on reducing environmental impacts, but that evolved to include social impacts and new business models. With the continued success of programs like ReEntry™, Interface is proving that a circular economy is an attainable goal. With Mission Zero accomplished, the company now has sights on an even higher goal—Climate Take Back™.

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