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Over time, Balsan has continued to stand out with its creative products and its cutting-edge industrial tools, while benefiting from the expertise built up by the team’s long years of experience.

The Selby team has direct access to the Balsan London showroom so why not book a visit today.

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Balsan’s fast growth led to the construction of a new production site in Arthon, France in late 1973. This site became both the company’s official head office and a natural environment, to be carefully protected. Nowadays Balsan has two industrial sites which are established and seamlessly integrated into a perfectly preserved natural environment. The first is the Arthon factory: 45,000 m2 dedicated to the manufacture of broadloom carpets. The other is the Neuvy-Saint-Sépulchre factory specialised in the manufacture of carpet tiles.

Yes, Balsan carpets offer a double advantage in the relentless fight against noise pollution: a reduction in noises caused by impact (footsteps, collisions, etc.) and absorption of airborne sounds (conversations, ringtones, any noise which travels through the air). Balsan combines sound insulation and respect for the environment with its acoustic backing. This highly efficient insulating felt is made almost entirely of recycled materials. It is particularly recommended for open-plan business premises, offering a more peaceful work setting.

Yes, Balsan design studio allows you to upgrade your space – making it unique! Creating an atmosphere that tells a story with Balsan’s inspiring and characterful designs. The mix and match trend adopted by Balsan combines different effects, prints and colours to create your own patterns by choosing how you lay your flooring. Creating your own graphic effects, from high-impact style to subtle variations on a colour palette.

Balsan offers Eco-design products which are a real source of innovation, as Balsan research and development teams are pushed to think differently, creating more environmentally responsible carpets for the future. Eco-design means a more “sustainably” used and socially responsible product.



Not only does Balsan offer a range of carpet tiles but also has a vast Broadloom collection. You can benefit from all Balsan’s expertise, for all your textile floorings, whichever type of carpet you choose including broadloom carpets, carpet tiles or
strips. Even if you have a limited budget for your hotel decoration, Balsan has a solution for you thanks to our affordably priced, made-in-France designer carpets.


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Balsan offers a wide range of collections for both residential and commercial use. Because there is a story behind every product.

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Balsan ranges are eco-designed and their environmental performance demonstrates the depth of their commitment. Long before the market declared its demands in the field of  environmentalism, Balsan commenced a partnership with its biggest supplier for an innovative scheme recycling polyamide fishing nets into carpet fibre. By combining a reduced environmental impact and improved performance, Balsan created the Super Sonic felt backing – also mostly made of recycled components.

Innovation after innovation, Balsan continually strives to leave a positive environmental footprint both for new products and for carpets at the end of their life-cycle.

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