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We work with primary, secondary schools as well as many universities and academies. Each school has specific requirements for their flooring. With primary schools, we can supply and fit lots of vibrant colours along with creating reading corners. We usually use sheet vinyl so the school can quickly clean the flooring, as there are many spills. We have a fantastic range of designs and colours. Universities like carpet tiles which we can easily replace in the future. We have a range that is non-directional and batchless which means a new tile we can put against a year old one with little difference. We usually install sheet vinyl in dining halls, but we have also completed large wood flooring projects and luxury vinyl tiles. All are suitable as they are hygienic for students. We have a list of schools that we work with every school holidays. Please call us well in advance to ensure we have space for you in the next break.
Custom logo motif installed for St Mary Magdalene

Education flooring

Below are some flooring lines we recommend for Educations. For more recommendations, call us on Phone us on020 7739 5051


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