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Lift & Shift Installation

Let us fit your new floor without disruption or down-time, using our lift and shift equipment. Leave the office for the evening, arrive at work the next day as normal.

Leave the office for the evening

Our lift and shift floor-laying method allows us to install new flooring over night without disturbing your office.

Installation Step - Leave the Office for the Evening

We don't touch your furniture

We remove your old flooring without touching any of your furniture. We quickly remove your old flooring while using our lift and shift equipment to keep your furniture in place.

Installation Step - Remove flooring without touching furniture

We lay down new flooring

Our fitters carefully lay down your beautiful new flooring. Your furniture is raised a few millimetres off the floor as we work.

Installation Step - We lay down new flooring

Arrive at work as normal

With our lift and shift flooring installation the only thing your c-staff will notice is that their office has fresh new flooring installed over night.

Installation Step - Arrive at work the next day as normal

What type of floor fitting do you need?

We come across every different floor working in London. From office carpet tiles on metal pan floors to basement kitchens that need a DPM, latex screed and new safety flooring installed.

Part of our service is a free site survey where we can assess what you require. We consider how long the works are likely going to take and which materials are needed.

A large part of our business involves fitting office carpet tiles in commercial areas where there is furniture in situ. Fitting flooring around furniture is no problem for us, and we use hydraulic lifting equipment, sliders and straps to work our way around this problem.

Client Workstation/Office Preparation Checklist