Selby Contract Flooring

Ever the Diplo-matt

October 20, 2014

Once again, variety has been the theme at the Selby Carpets offices this month. We have worked alongside diplomats, doctors and developers – and made an impact in all the spaces we’ve visited.

One large and exciting job for us this month was fitting out the Argentine Embassy in London. We have a history working with embassies: in the last two years, we have worked with the embassies of America, Chile, Panama, Mexico and Brazil. Having already worked at the Argentinian Embassy, we were asked back this month to fit out the Ambassador’s office.

We used a heavy domestic wool twist pile carpet which was strong, thick and in a Kernel colour. We recycled the old carpet and off-cuts of the new carpets too, and everyone was delighted with the finished result. Security was tight but not quite as tight as at the American Embassy when every carpet tile was scanned for bugs – and I’m not talking about the creepy crawly type!

We also visited an X-ray department in a scoliosis clinic where flooring needed to be resilient and easy to clean, but in patient areas, welcoming and calming. We suggested Amtico, which has a wood-plank effect. However, in the staff-only areas, we laid a Moduleo floor – it has the same wood-plank look as Amtico but is more cost effective. We are always keen to help the client save money wherever possible.

And our work with developers continues. This month we went to private flats in Rayners Lane where the sellers were keen to make an impact with flooring to attract prospective buyers. We installed beige carpets in the bedrooms with hard-wearing cord carpet in communal areas. Laying this light flooring emphasised the ample space on the floor, adding impact and encouraging viewers to see the vast potential of the flats.

We are always happy to advise on flooring needs – but only after we have spent time with our clients, discussing all your requirements. We know that clients use us because we listen and work with you to get your desired effect – whatever that may be.