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How to Measure for Patterned Carpets

April 26, 2021

When considering having patterned carpets laid, it’s highly recommended to have your floor measured by experienced flooring professionals. This is made doubly important when laying patterned carpet tiles across adjoining rooms, enabling the pattern to continuously flow through all rooms concerned.

The example above depicts two adjoining rooms, and the carpet being used is a 4m wide self-match carpet with a repeat of 1m x 1m. In short, this means the carpet itself has been manufactured specifically to ensure the patterns on all edges should line up when butted together.

Factory edges should not be used for a tight seam. Instead, all carpets should have the seams cut into them.

This also means the pattern is the same in 1m intervals in either direction; however it’s worth noting that if you’re electing to use a striped pattern, you will generally only have a repeat running across the width and stripes will run down the full length of the roll.

In the pictured example, the width of room A is 3.5m. Because of this, we can complete the installation using just a single piece of carpet, and because room A is where we are setting the installation out from, we have allowed just 30cm wastage along the cut length.

It is possible to leave as little at 10cm, but 30cm gives us enough scope to move the carpet, therefore aiding us when trying to line up the pattern.

Room B has a stated measurement of 280cm which will require a standard wastage of 10cm along with the size of the repeat, which gives a required size of 3.9m x 4m.

Although the example above is a simple example of lining up patterns, if your office space has multiple adjoining rooms, careful and due consideration will need to be given to the placement of the carpet to ensure the pattern remains consistent.

If your office has stairs, there is a possibility patterned carpet tiles might not be suitable. For example, if the stairs have winders, it’s unlikely the pattern will remain lined up when following the stairs down.

However, if the stairs have half or quarter landings instead, the chance of getting a full pattern match is more likely.

Carpet Installation Cost

Having carpet installed across your office might seem like a daunting and expensive project with so many different variables in play, but this doesn’t need to be the case.

Each type of flooring has its own different considerations; whether it be on the type of sub-floor underneath and any preparation that may need to occur to it, or if there is an existing flooring solution which needs to be removed in advance.

As a very rough guide, communal carpet can cost in the region of £13-20 m² - but the cost can depend of several factors, and for a more accurate guide we recommend you get in touch with us to carry out a free, no-obligation quote.

Professional Measurement and Installation

If you prefer to have your carpet installed professionally, or if you lack the time and resource to complete the installation yourself Selby Contract Flooring can help.

Experienced in carpet and vinyl installation across a wide range of commercial settings, Selby Contract Flooring can complete the project with minimal fuss and disruption.

We also work alongside various recycling programs, meaning we can remove your old flooring and keep as much of it out of landfill as possible.

Our team of installers can come out to your office in the evening or at weekends, meaning you don’t have to close the office down for a day or more, keeping the business operating as usual. The only sign your team will know our installers have been in will be the newly laid carpet.

Our lift and shift installation process means you don’t need to worry about moving office furniture around. Our specialist equipment can lift furniture off the ground, allowing us to lay your flooring underneath before neatly placing it back onto the ground.

By choosing Selby Contract Flooring, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will provide you with details and images of the project whilst overseeing the installation process from start to finish.

With offices and showrooms on Old Street and in Hammersmith, giving us a convenient central location, we can conduct a free site visit if your office is based in London. We can come to you at any time convenient to you and we will provide you with a no-obligation quote on the work and materials needed.

For more information please contact us by emailing, or by calling us on 020 7739 5051.