Selby Contract Flooring

Why Choose Carpet Tiles?

February 17, 2018

Carpet tiles are the most heavily pushed carpet product by our company. The main advantages are:

  • Areas with furniture—With carpet tiles it is very easy to replace the flooring as the furniture can stay in place. With our hydraulic lifting equipment, we can quickly jack up the desks only by 5cms and then swap out the tiles underneath.
  • Wastage—Tiles have the lowest wastage level s of all our carpet products. Sheet carpet comes in either 2 metres or 4 metres wide and therefore can have considerable wastage if a room is only 3m wide. Tiles, however, can be used to 2 cuts, and the wastage can be as little as 3%
  • Cheap—Carpet tiles are more affordable to buy than sheet carpet, and they do not need an underlay.
  • Practical—If one carpet tile gets stained it can be replaced easily unlike other materials.
  • Recyclable—Carpet tiles currently have the highest recyclable content, and we offer a service of sending back tiles to the manufacturers who recycle them into powering their factories.
  • Carpet tiles can now have a built-in cushion at a low price. We are a significant partner of Milliken Carpet who specialises in this.
  • Design—With new technology, it is possible for us to create amazing designs with tiles which are not possible in other products. These Designs include subtle blends of colours, through to adding big splashes of colour across office floors.

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