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Impression Wood

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The Impression range is the best luxury vinyl wood tile on the market and our second most popular LVT product. It's a product we recommend to our clients looking for a reaction. The embossed finish gives the look and feel of real wood. We have installed this range all over London, and our clients love it. You can see it in the Bridgman offices in our Gallery. It's scratch proof and has excellent acoustic qualities, making it ideal for all commercial spaces. We have recently installed this tile at the Charing Cross Theatre in the bar and restaurant. The client was concerned about stiletto heel marks and scratches, which they had with their previous wood flooring. They no longer have that problem with this product installed.
Impression Wood

Flooring Samples

  • Impression Wood Castle Oak 05855 flooring sample

    Castle Oak 05855

  • Impression Wood Castle Oak 25155 flooring sample

    Castle Oak 25155

  • Impression Wood Castle Oak 63255 flooring sample

    Castle Oak 63255

  • Impression Wood Castle Oak 53955 flooring sample

    Castle Oak 53955

  • Impression Wood 06955 flooring sample


  • Impression Wood Country Oak 52245 flooring sample

    Country Oak 52245

  • Impression Wood Country Oak 25845 flooring sample

    Country Oak 25845

  • Impression Wood Country Oak 08845 flooring sample

    Country Oak 08845

  • Impression Wood Country Oak 52945 flooring sample

    Country Oak 52945

  • Impression Wood Country Oak 19945 flooring sample

    Country Oak 19945

  • Impression Wood Eastern Hickory 22475 flooring sample

    Eastern Hickory 22475

  • Impression Wood Eastern Hickory 58875 flooring sample

    Eastern Hickory 58875

  • Impression Wood Mountain Oak 51265 flooring sample

    Mountain Oak 51265

  • Impression Wood Mountain Oak 03265 flooring sample

    Mountain Oak 03265

  • Impression Wood Mountain Oak 04465 flooring sample

    Mountain Oak 04465

  • Impression Wood Mountain Oak 07865 flooring sample

    Mountain Oak 07865

  • Impression Wood Mountain Oak 83965 flooring sample

    Mountain Oak 83965

  • Impression Wood Mountain Oak 03205 flooring sample

    Mountain Oak 03205

  • Impression Wood Scarlet Oak 47205 flooring sample

    Scarlet Oak 47205

  • Impression Wood Scarlet Oak 06805 flooring sample

    Scarlet Oak 06805

  • Impression Wood Scarlet Oak 51905 flooring sample

    Scarlet Oak 51905

  • Impression Wood Scarlet Oak 58905 flooring sample

    Scarlet Oak 58905

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