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Transformer Stone

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The Transformer range is by far our most popular stone luxury vinyl tile. Stone luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) imitates real stone without the maintenance, coldness and expense. These stone designs are very realistic and can even have grout lines between each tile. They work well with a feature strip that we can help design with you. The price point and quality make this a viable decision when looking at a new floor. We have installed this product in many hair salons across London as well as breakout areas, toilets, kitchens and office floors. The Loose Lay tiles can be seen in our gallery under the Stress Exchange.
Transformer Stone

Flooring Samples

  • Transformer Stone Atlas Slate 04263 flooring sample

    Atlas Slate 04263

  • Transformer Stone Atlas Slate 26963 flooring sample

    Atlas Slate 26963

  • Transformer Stone Atlas Slate 64763 flooring sample

    Atlas Slate 64763

  • Transformer Stone Azuriet 05264 flooring sample

    Azuriet 05264

  • Transformer Stone Azuriet 06864 flooring sample

    Azuriet 06864

  • Transformer Stone Azuriet 08264 flooring sample

    Azuriet 08264

  • Transformer Stone Azuriet 58964 flooring sample

    Azuriet 58964

  • Transformer Stone Concrete 01104 flooring sample

    Concrete 01104

  • Transformer Stone Concrete 33204 flooring sample

    Concrete 33204

  • Transformer Stone Concrete 67804 flooring sample

    Concrete 67804

  • Transformer Stone Concrete 68204 flooring sample

    Concrete 68204

  • Transformer Stone Jura Stone 04264 flooring sample

    Jura Stone 04264

  • Transformer Stone Jura Stone 04864 flooring sample

    Jura Stone 04864

  • Transformer Stone Jura Stone 06964 flooring sample

    Jura Stone 06964

  • Transformer Stone Jura Stone 35964 flooring sample

    Jura Stone 35964

  • Transformer Stone Jura Stone 57964 flooring sample

    Jura Stone 57964

  • Transformer Stone Valley Stone 28964 flooring sample

    Valley Stone 28964

  • Transformer Stone Valley Stone 43264 flooring sample

    Valley Stone 43264

  • Transformer Stone Valley Stone 52964 flooring sample

    Valley Stone 52964

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