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Commercial Nylon Carpet for Hotels

June 26, 2015

Hotel bookings in London are seeing a boom, and with the Rugby World Cup in 2015 it’s predicted that this year will see a rise in hotel guests.

As carpet suppliers, we’ve recently seen more hotels consider commercial nylon carpet. Hotels require heavy duty carpet because visitors walk everywhere at all times of the day. With the improvements to synthetic fabrics in recent years, nylon carpet installations are becoming ever more popular.

Unfortunately, just like luxury vinyl flooring, commercial nylon carpet has a bad reputation that’s a few decades old. However, much like luxury vinyl flooring superseded old vinyl flooring, great quality nylon flooring is now available.

We recommend nylon carpet for hotels more than any other material

High-end hotels like to create a luxurious environment and because of this have tended to favour natural wool carpet rather than synthetic material. However, wool comes at a greater cost than nylon and it does not wear as well.

With better quality synthetic materials in the last few years, when we speak with new customers in the hotel industry we tend to end up recommending nylon.

One disadvantage of nylon is that it used to be quite ugly because of its bright colours. While it can come in bright colours, there are also many muted tasteful colours to choose from now. Check out our Hampton range, or our Linate range for a more modern looking carpet tiles. We also supply top brands such as Brinton Carpets and JHS at great prices, all backed by our expert installation team.

Quick installation for Commercial Nylon Carpet in Hotels

Hotels are very busy environments and carpets need to be installed or replaced quickly. We work exclusively with commercial carpet in London so we are used to this requirement. We install hotel carpet quickly using lift and shift fitting, which means our hotel customers don’t need to move any furniture.

Heavy duty for every industry

Because it is the toughest of all carpets, with proper maintenance nylon carpet can last for up to 15 years. This makes nylon a very good investment.

Nylon carpet is also great for other industries. We recently installed heavy duty nylon in Watersmeet theatre — have a look at our gallery.

If you’d like your Nylon carpet renewed or if you’d like to talk about various flooring options for a hotel, please get in touch on 02077395051 for a free quote and advice.