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Office reception flooring ideas

June 9, 2015

We’ve installed commercial carpet and flooring in many different London offices, so we’ve put together some office reception flooring ideas that might help. Remember — this flooring area gives you the perfect opportunity to make your best impression!

Use initial entrance matting to your reception

Try and use some entrance matting for incoming visitors. Entrance matting is a type of hardwearing commercial flooring that is laid down at the entrance of the building. The matting helps absorb away initial dirt from footwear.

Importantly this gives you the option to use more expensive flooring inside your building. Entrance matting can also help with maintenance; see our blog post on reducing cleaning costs for more information.

To impress your visitors, we now do a bespoke logo matting service where you can have your company logo printed on the matting. As commercial carpet suppliers, we have done this for The Australian Embassy, Stirling Ackroyd estate agents, Asia House and many more.

Use flooring with low noise levels to create a luxury impression

If you want to give the impression of a luxury business, consider using longer pile commercial carpets. Long pile carpets dampen noise levels, which can make a big difference to the atmosphere of your reception area. For example, think about how expensive cars have low noise levels. When you’re sitting inside the vehicle, its low noise levels make you feel like you’re the only car on the road.

On the other hand, hard floors such as Luxury Vinyl Floors can give the impression of a busy reception because the noise levels are much higher.

Mix cheap and expensive carpet

Although it sounds unusual, you can tastefully use different flooring types in one room. The trick here is to make it look intentional. You may design a patterned edge that runs around the room, together with a centrepiece, for example. By installing cheaper flooring around the outside of the room, you can spend your savings on more expensive plush flooring at the centre of the room. We did this with the lunch hall of St Mary Magdalene Academy London. The centrepiece of the hall was used to draw attention away from the vinyl floor.

The advantage of this is that visitors will hardly notice the flooring around the edge of the room. Save your impression for where it matters; where they walk.

A patterned motif that runs around the edge of the room can also make your reception area look more interesting. For office reception flooring ideas, ask your commercial carpet suppliers for examples patterns.

Think about where your reception visitors walk

Following on from the idea of mixing different flooring you should think carefully about where your visitors walk. For example, you can install cheaper commercial flooring in corridor areas that lead to back offices, saving your budget for visitor or meeting rooms.

You should also think about where your staff walk and footpaths in general. If your visitor count is low, but you have high-profile clients, then it may not be worth cutting corners.

Where do people sit in your reception?

People are more likely to notice the quality of your flooring when they sit still. Try to install expensive flooring in seating areas where people have the time to look at it.

Try to be sensible with colours. It’s okay to install light beige carpets in meeting rooms where everyone is sat down, but a busy reception area will quickly get dirty.

If you have some office reception flooring ideas that you’d like to run past us get in touch via the contact page or call us on phone.