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How Do I Change My Carpet If I Have Furniture?

A busy office space

It can be daunting to think of changing your office flooring if it is a fully-functional office with furniture. Luckily for you, a busy office is not a problem for us. No office is too cluttered that we can’t take on the project and cause minimum if any downtime.

Furnished offices with carpet tiles are the easiest. The furniture only has to be lifted a few inches to allow us to swap out the carpet tiles. We use hydraulic equipment to lift banks of desks at the same time. As long as there is enough slack on the wires, there will be no downtime to your business.

If you have sheet carpet in your offices, this is a bit more tricky but totally doable, and we regularly carry this out. For the Mexican Embassy in London W1, we carried out a ‘lift and shift’ carpet replacement moving all their furniture. Replacing sheet carpet does take longer, and all IT equipment has to be disconnected, but we can still have your office up and running for Monday morning.

In our experience barrister offices always have the most office paperwork. We have brought in professional office moving companies that crate up and store paperwork while we do the office carpet replacement. We take care of all of this, so you just need to pick your flooring and carrying on running your business.