Selby Contract Flooring

The Complete Guide to Fitting Carpet Tiles

July 1, 2019

Can you fit carpet tiles to concrete?

Yes, you can. Here at Selby, we use a tackifier so that the tiles can be uplifted and refitted, keeping the adhesion.

Subfloors are slightly different and need to be smooth to take carpet tiles so seek advice from us on this prior to installing the tiles. For the perfect finish, latex the floor with a self-smoothing screed.

Can you fit carpet tiles to plywood or floorboards?

Yes. We use a tackifier adhesive so the carpet tiles can be taken up and refitted and keep the tackiness. Our fitters are always looking to get the carpet tiles looking their best. For a professional finish, you must ensure the ply is level and smooth. A ‘feather finish’ latex can help hide the joints of the tiles although this is normally unnecessary due to the thick backing of carpet tiles.

Floorboards need to be level with minute gaps to stop high heels falling between the tiles. We would always recommend ‘plying’ (lining with plywood) floorboards prior to installing carpet tiles.

Can you fit carpet tiles on carpet?

This is a big no-no! Basically, carpet tiles will not sit flat on the softness of carpet.

This will make them a trip hazard and dangerous. Our Pro recommendation would be to strip back to the sub-floor and preparing this in a smooth way, so the carpet tiles look and work at their best.

Manufacturers will not give any guarantees on their products if they are fitted on carpet.

Can you fit carpet tile on hardwood floors?

Yes, you can.

Hardwood floors are flat and smooth enough to take carpet tiles. However, if the hardwood floor is not stuck down and ‘floating’ then you may want to take up the wood prior to installing the carpet tiles.

Top Tip: If you directly apply carpet tile tackifier adhesive to hardwood floors this will be difficult to ever get off. Selby have a number of membranes that will allow you to install carpet tiles onto hardwood floors without damaging it.

Can you install carpet tiles on sheet vinyl?

No, this is not a recommended base for fitting carpet tiles to. Why? Well, the recommended adhesive for carpet tiles is called tackifier. The most popular brand is F Ball F41. This glue will not perform correctly if applied to sheet vinyl and therefore we would not recommend this.

Instead, we recommend uplifting the sheet vinyl, preparing the subfloor and then fitting your carpet tiles. By carrying out the correct installation, you will make sure the carpet tiles are guaranteed by the manufacturer and they look their best.

Can you fit carpet tiles to vinyl tiles?

No. Vinyl tiles fall into the same bracket as sheet vinyl (see above) and carpet tiles should not be fitted on top. There will be no carpet tile manufacturers guarantees and the vinyl tiles could lift making the carpet tiles a trip hazard.

Can you install carpet tiles on Metal Pan floors?

Yes - all new commercial interiors are likely to have this subfloor so wiring can be hidden underneath.

Metal Pan is the most popular subfloor for carpet tiles. As with all subfloors, ensure the Metal Pan tiles have been installed level as the tiles will just follow the subfloor.

Can carpet tiles be installed on warehouse floors?

Yes - as long as the warehouse floor is smooth and fairly level then carpet tiles can be applied directly to them. But, if the floor is painted this is likely to react with the glue and therefore needs to be removed prior to the carpet tiles being installed.

Can carpet tiles be fitted outside?

Carpet tiles are designed and constructed for interior use only. There are a small number of matting tiles and artificial grass tiles that can be installed outside. Harsh weather can react with tackifier adhesive, which is water based. This is therefore not recommended.