What are Stair Nosings?

July 5, 2015


Stair nosings are the protection and slip resistance products installed to the front edge of the steps in all office flooring environments. They are made up of a robust material for safety and durability. They are an essential part of commercial flooring but being a small detail they don’t get discussed much. It’s important to note that choosing the right ones can make a big difference to the look of your stairs.

The most common nosings are made of aluminium and have PVC inserts. You can choose whatever colour insert you like and even have LED lights in them. We installed these at the Leicester Square cinema in London a few years ago.

There are many different shapes and designs to fit every type of step. We have even installed all-in-one rubber steps and nosing from Nora Rubber in the National Theatre. These were seamless, giving a smart flow down the stair core while being safe too.

Stair Nosing Safety

Stair nosings are now a safety requirement in commercial buildings in London. As carpet suppliers, this means every new commercial flooring we install has to have to have stair nosing fitted. A slip-resistant strip is manufactured into the nosing to make the steps as safe as possible. Depending on the depth of step we sometimes recommend two strips in each nosing. The insert colour also has to be different from the colour of the carpet or vinyl. For instance, if we are installing blue carpet tiles then can’t install nosing with a blue insert. In this example, we would recommend black to keep the blend or bright yellow for extra safety.

Choosing Stair Nosing

Manufacturers of nosings include Gradus, Morleys, Marlings and CAT. CAT nosings are high end and very durable.

Depending on which carpet tiles or vinyl flooring you would like on your stairs will have an impact on which profile nosing we would recommend. We offer a free measuring service and then order cuts to size, ready to be fitted straight away. We can also advise if any side stringers are required to hide the edge of the steps. These can give a professional finish to your new office flooring. Because we work with top brands, we can offer excellent choice. Our service includes a free site survey, where we check the sub-floor to the steps and advise on the best nosing for your steps.

Call us on 020 7739 5051 to find out more about stair nose fittings, and we’ll be happy to help.

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