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How to Fit Luxury Vinyl Tiles

May 29, 2020

Luxury Vinyl Tile installation is mostly about careful measurement and treatment of the adhesive. We’ll take you through the steps on how to fit LVT in this post.


Preparation and planning are key to achieving a great looking floor, plan the area so you have even cuts to all edges. Key things:

  • You have sufficient material for the job
  • The area is at the correct temperature
  • You have the correct adhesive for the product
  • The floor has been prepared to receive the LVT


Once the floor has been prepared, sweep the floor so there is no debris, once this is done carry out the following steps.

  • Put down a start line using a chalk line or straight edge & pencil, this is normally the centre line of the room.
  • Apply adhesive as per manufacturer’s recommendations leaving sufficient time for the installation of the LVT.
  • Allow the adhesive to tack off before putting your first tile down, follow the centre line making sure everything stays on line.
  • Cut the tiles around the perimeter as you go so the adhesive does not fully cure.
  • Clean off any excess adhesive.
  • Roll the floor with a 68kg roller if you have one.
  • Follow this video by Polyflor for more information —