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How to Latex a Floor

June 14, 2020

How to add latex to a floor and ensure a good finish, as well as a good bond:


There are certain conditions that need to be met in order to achieve both a good finish and bond. Latex that fails is normally caused by poor preparation or contamination. All preparation needs to follow these points:

  • Check floor for contamination ( chemical or oil spills)
  • Scrape up any lumps eg plaster, paint etc
  • Prime the floor if recommended by the manufacturer using their recommended products.


Ensure you have all the products and tools required in the area before you start, you need to achieve a continuous flow from start to finish. This will make sure you are always working with wet material.

  • Mix the latex powder and bottle using a paddle whisk and drill until you have a smooth consistency.
  • Pour the compound out just enough to do around 2 square meters at a time, smooth it off with a steel blade trowel applying a 3mm coat , continue this method until the whole area is complete.
  • Use of a spiked roller will give you a trowel free finish if you have one.
  • Here is a good video tuturial

Latex Finish

Should you have any air bubbles or small trowel marks in the latex once it has cured, you can remove these using a carborundum stone. Any large ridges or dips will require a second coat.