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What Is The Best Flooring For Hotels and Their Rooms?

September 21, 2020

Generally, the best hotel flooring is dictated by the standard of the hotel. Lower rated hotels will likely have cheaper flooring in common and guest areas, whereas four and five-plus star hotels will look to attract a higher standard of clientele, so will want a consistent higher-end finish through all areas.

Almost all properties want to ensure they get the best value for their hotel carpets or flooring, with high durability and quality a leading factor, followed by appearance and how it feels underfoot. Our flooring catalogue can offer a variety of options from wood-style vinyl tiles that suit hallways to luxury-design hotel floor tiles that can be easily and quickly replaced when damaged or worn.

For travellers staying either for business or pleasure, they want checking into a hotel to feel like a home away from home experience. Frequent stayers have come to expect more from hotels as the nightly rate increases. From inclusions such as improved comforts to additional facilities, guests will quickly notice if they aren’t getting value for their money. Most importantly, all types of travellers have come to expect a high degree of cleanliness from the properties they stay in. They want to get a good night’s rest with the assurance the room, bed, bathroom and floors are clean, maintained and free of any hidden nasties.

A visually pleasing aesthetic supports a quality stay, creating a sense of calm or excitement, depending on the emotions you’d like your décor to invoke. Comfort in your surroundings helps to create long-lasting, favourable memories and these are often reflected upon when the customer provides their feedback through word-of-mouth opinions, reviews and testimonials.

Choosing The Best Hotel Flooring Solutions

Although quality flooring in hotels can often be overlooked by the guests, as soon as flooring begins to look tired or worn, it can greatly influence a guest’s opinion of their stay. Quality flooring that adds to the overall aesthetic contributes to both the comfort of the guests and the memories they form during their visit. While the focus is often placed on the usefulness or practicality of certain hotel flooring solutions, it also provides a fantastic opportunity for hotels to improve their image.

Choosing the right hospitality hotel flooring is dependent on a number of aspects including

  • How the area is intended to be used
  • How often the area will see regular use
  • Other potential wear and tear outside of foot traffic such as exposure to moisture in bathrooms or food and drink in dining areas

Once you’ve identified these elements and estimated the foot traffic and potential wear and tear, you can make an informed choice on the material that will best suit your hotel flooring requirements. We regularly update our flooring catalogue to include the latest innovations in commercial flooring solutions, ensuring all our flooring offers the best manufacturing and design processes. The flooring materials available include;


Warm, luxurious underfoot and great for creating a feeling of comfort and prestige. Carpet is a popular material for hotel bedrooms and break-out areas and provides excellent sound-absorption properties. Generally, carpet requires more cleaning than hard-surface flooring and it can be difficult to remove certain stains and marks. This can be solved through the use of carpet tiles which only require the individual tiles to be replaced, rather than the whole floor.


Rapidly growing in popularity, luxury vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are a hard-surface flooring with greater sound absorption than the stone or wood alternative. Easy to clean and maintain, luxury vinyl flooring is available in a variety of natural designs including oaks, concrete, woven textures and stone.

Wood & Laminate

Another popular flooring option that is commonly used for reception areas and meeting rooms, wood flooring can offer a luxurious look and style. The downsides of both wood and laminate are less sound absorption than the vinyl alternative and a greater chance of scratches, scuffs and dulling to surfaces in heavy-traffic areas.

Here are some further factors to consider when choosing flooring and carpets for hotels:


Acoustics in a hotel are key to a good night’s sleep and carpeting plays an important role in helping to prevent sound carrying between adjoining rooms and interior spaces. Hotel bedroom carpet is ideal for supporting a peaceful environment while encouraging feelings of comfort and relaxation.


Every element of a hotel room contributes to its aesthetics, from the walls to the furniture to the floor. Flooring needs to complement the décor of the space, be pleasing to the eye and convey the same sense of luxury as the rest of the design.


Hotel flooring should incorporate your brand aesthetics and style. High-end properties are likely to invest in plush, luxury carpets in hotel bedrooms that feel pleasant underfoot whereas a low-cost hotel is more likely to opt for cost-effective flooring that can be easily replaced and maintained. Colours can be matched in forward-facing areas such as hallways and reception rooms to ensure the property is co-ordinated.


Comfort directly impacts how restful a stay is and when guests come to a hotel they expect a relaxing environment supporting by quality facilities and cosy amenities. Luxury carpets and hard-wood floors easily convey this sense of luxury and add a feeling of warmth to beautiful spaces.


Cheap flooring can be acceptable for an immediate solution but is likely to cost much more in the long run when it requires frequent repairs or replacement, as well as possibly causing injury due to lifting corners or carpet wrinkles. Cost-effective and luxury flooring is worth the investment and with proper installation and ongoing maintenance can last for years under heavy use before requiring repair.


Hotels see a lot of traffic from guests, staff and furniture including personal items being shifted through the rooms and corridors. Your hotel carpet and flooring needs to look the part while being durable enough to withstand regular use without becoming threadbare or damaged.


Mysterious stains and dirty marks are the first things guests notice on the floor and are hard to look past, especially in a hotel room. You’ll want a hotel flooring solution that can be easily cleaned or where necessary quickly replaced, keeping everything tidy and presentable for your guests and customers.


Commercial flooring must be safe for all users, especially when exposed to moisture or dust which is particularly important in bathrooms and near exterior spaces. Carefully assess the anti-slip properties of the flooring you choose to ensure it is fit for purpose in the intended space.

Hotel Flooring From Selby Contract Flooring

The best hotel flooring will help create lasting impressions with your guests, even if they aren’t actively noticing it. It’s important to find the right flooring for your property and if you are struggling to find the right solution, we are happy to provide free, impartial advice.

Offering end to end solutions, Selby Contract Flooring is here to help you on your journey to find what will work best for you. Get in touch with our team today for more information regarding hotel carpet, hotel floor tiles or a bespoke hotel flooring solution for your property.