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What Are Cushion Carpet Tiles?

October 15, 2020

Most carpet tiles made worldwide consist of a bitumen back, which gives the flooring a solid rigid structure before the yarn is then manufactured into it. A cushion carpet tile uses a foam backing instead of a bitumen one, which gives the tiles a feel more akin to traditional carpeting.

There are a number of reasons why cushioned carpet tiles are the preferred flooring of choice. At Selby Contract Flooring, we receive several London commercial flooring requests from businesses looking to revamp their office space with premium options. Moving away from economy selections that simply do not evoke the same feeling of comfort and luxury as cushion carpet tiles.

What are the Benefits of Cushion Carpet Tiles?

Selby Contract Flooring offers a wide range of commercial flooring from our convenient central London location and is best placed to offer advice on the best carpet for your setting. Cushion carpet tiles come with many clear benefits for businesses, such as:

  • Comfort - the cushion gives comfort not normally felt with carpet tiles. The effect feels like an underlay that you would get with a traditional carpet
  • Acoustic - cushion carpet tiles absorb sound much better than bitumen back tiles. This helps prevent sound carrying through busy offices
  • Insulation - the cushion in the carpet tiles has higher insulation qualities keeping warmth in the office environment
  • Sustainability - up to 90% of cushion in carpet tiles is from recycled materials
  • Durability - allowing the yarn in the carpet tile to flex with the cushion this has less impact on the yarn. This reduced impact, therefore, lengthens the durability of the carpet tile

While cushion carpet tiles may be regarded as the premium option of choice, in the long run, they will save your business money thanks to their durability. This means that, instead of replacing cheaper and harder tiles with bitumen backing, the foam material cushions against foot traffic which protects the material from damage such as indentation.

Easy to Replace

In contrast to a complete carpet, tiles are much easier and cost-effective to replace if damage such as indentation or staining does occur. Rather than having to pull up an entire office-worth full of carpet, a single tile can be lifted and replaced with an identical piece making it much cheaper and quicker to rectify.

This is true for whatever style of carpet tile you invest in, cushioned or otherwise. Any replacement tile should be an exact match for what has been used. For example, a bitumen-backed carpet tile should not be replaced by a cushioned-alternative as this will not match the floor and will create a raised edge and, thus, a trip hazard.

Carpet Tiles from Selby Contract Flooring

Here at Selby Contract Flooring, we offer a wide range of carpet tiles, suitable for all commercial offices. We can carry out a complete refit of your office flooring without the need for you to move a thing. Our hydraulic lifting equipment will lift furniture such as desks, cabinets and more while your new carpet is fitted.

Additionally, our team will work around you and your business, available to carry out work outside of office hours at evenings and weekends, keeping any disruption down to a minimum. This is what makes us such a popular choice for businesses in London for commercial flooring options.

Selby Contract Flooring has a wide range of cushion backed tiles and regularly recommends these to their clients. Milliken Floorcovering is the leading manufacturer of cushion carpet tiles and Selby are proud to be one of their top five suppliers in the UK. Please contact us to discuss further details.