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How do I measure for carpet tiles?

December 14, 2020

How do I measure for carpet tiles ?

The most common way to measure a room for carpet tiles would be to take the measurement of the length multiplied by the width. This formula will give you the net measurement of the room you are measuring. This formula is fine if you have a square or rectangle room. If you have an ‘odd shaped’ room then it is best practice to break the room up into separate areas that are consistent of rectangles and squares. Measure each subsection separately and add them all up at the end.

Things to consider when working out your wastage

Some jobs will require more waste than others. If you have a square or rectangle room then generally the waste would be 5-10% of your room net measurement. If you have a room which has curved walls or odd shaped walls then this will impact the amount of waste you will need to consider when ordering your carpet tiles.

Waste is also determined by which carpet tiles you are using. For example; You can get batchless and random lay carpet tiles which will give you minimal waste. Some other carpet tiles with a particular design or laying pattern will require more waste than the usual.

How to measure carpet tiles for stairs ?

Staircases consist of treads, risers and landings. Most tread and risers will have a measurement total of around 40-45cm. See formula below for measuring stairs.

Width of each step x 0.5 (or what the tread and riser total) x the number of stairs.

You will need to factor in your waste. This all depends on what type of carpet tiles you are using. Certain carpet tile patterns will require different levels of wastage than others.

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