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How to Fit Safety Flooring and Vinyl

December 10, 2020

Safety flooring is a necessity for many commercial spaces and/or work environments to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. The non-slip properties come from the fact it is made from high-quality vinyl material which, as a result, is also quick and easy to clean – another reason why it is so popular for commercial use.

To avoid the issues that come with poorly laid flooring, which can be more dangerous than using the incorrect material, it is important to know how to lay safety flooring. Here at Selby Contract Flooring, we are experts when it comes to laying flooring and ensuring that every job is carried out to the highest possible standard before it is signed off.


Preparation and planning are key to achieving a great looking floor that is laid safely and correctly. Plan the area so you have as few joints as possible as this will make the installation process easier, reducing the risk of mistakes which could result in the need for having to start all over again.

Key things to consider:

l You have sufficient material for the job

l The area is at the correct temperature (should be at a consistent temperature between 14°C and 27°C for 48 hours before installation)

l You have the correct adhesive for the product

l The floor has been prepared to receive the vinyl, such as with a latex smoothing compound

If you are satisfied that you have met the above criteria, you are ready to move onto fitting the safety flooring.


Once the floor has been prepared, make sure to sweep the floor so as there is no debris. Carry out the following steps when the floor is clear:

l Open the vinyl, allowing for 25mm waste up all of the walls

l If this is a larger area, it helps to open the second drop of vinyl first but allowing for 25mm less than a width of the wall for the first drop to go in

l Pull back the drops halfway and apply the recommended adhesive using a v-notched trowel

l Once the adhesive has tacked off as described on the product place the vinyl into the adhesive

l Push out all air bubbles and make sure the vinyl has full contact with the adhesive

l If you have one, roll the vinyl with a 50-70kg lino roller

l Once in place, cut all the excess into the perimeter/skirting

l If recommended by the manufacturer, all joints should be welded using a hot weld gun and the relevant weld as per the video below:

l For a watertight seal, apply a silicone sealant around the perimeter of the vinyl flooring

l Once laid, allow the adhesive to cure before use – the temperature should remain at a stable temperature between 14°C and 27°C for 24 hours after the safety flooring has been fitted

Ask Selby Contract Flooring to Install Your Safety Flooring

Whether you would prefer for your new safety flooring to be fitted for you or you simply do not have the time or capacity to do it yourself, the Selby Contract Flooring team can come out to you. We are experienced in the installation of a wide range of commercial flooring solutions, including safety vinyl flooring, and can carry out the project with minimal fuss and disruption.

What makes Selby Contract Flooring so popular for commercial flooring needs is that our installation team can come out to your commercial space in the evenings and/or at weekends, outside of usual business hours, to carry out the installation. Additionally, our lift and shift equipment means that you need not worry about having to move a thing, with our tools able to lift your furniture so as we can lay your new flooring and neatly place it back.

Choosing us will also mean that you will be given the details of a dedicated project manager who will oversee the installation from start to finish. This will be your point of contact for anything concerning your project, and they will also send a detailed report complete with images on the status of the installation.

Business as Normal

Our capabilities mean that it is business as normal. Your team can come back in the morning and hit the ground running with no disruption – the only sign of our work being the newly laid flooring. We understand the need for keeping disruption to business down to the bare minimum, which is why we are proud to offer our installation service at a time most convenient to you.

This means that you can carry on as you were. As safety flooring should be allowed to sit for 24 hours as the adhesive sets, we recommend carrying work out at the weekend or during a period when there is likely to be less traffic to keep any interruption down to a minimum.

Arrange a Free Site Visit

If you are unsure as to the correct solution for your business, or how to lay safety flooring, you can call our team to arrange a free site visit if you are based in the London area. From our convenient central location, we can come at a time most suitable to you, view the site and discuss your needs.

We will draw up an initial plan and offer a no-obligation quotation on the work and materials required. Our team will be happy to answer any questions either on the day or after your site visit has concluded.

Get in contact with us either by sending us a message through the contact page or by calling us on 020 7739 5051 today.