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How to Fit Carpet Tiles

February 17, 2018

Carpet tiles are the easiest of all carpet and flooring types to install. Our simple step by step guide below will help you fit your new tiles. Learn about our Lift and Shift installation.

  1. Ensure the subfloor is clean. If the subfloor is dusty, your new tiles will not grab to the floor.
  2. Apply tackifier adhesive to the floor. Depending on which product you’ve purchased, please follow their instructions. Generally, you would apply the tackifier with a roller, and only a thin coat is required. Usually, tackifier needs to be left to cure which takes about 30 minutes.
  3. Setting out your floor. It is critical to set out your tiles using a chalk line to ensure the cuts around the perimeter are even. Measure from both walls, marking the centre. You need to work out your full tiles of 50cm off this. Tile cuts of 10cm each side are ideal.
  4. Lay the field. Install the first line following your chalk line then fill off from this, ensuring the tiles are tight together and the arrows on the back are all in the same direction.
  5. Cut the perimeter tiles. Cutting the perimeter tiles is the hardest part, but a simple formula works well. Complete all your full tiles then place a full time on top of the edge tile. Then butt-up a new tile over the top and against the wall. Cut along the edge of the wall tile into the middle tile. Finally place the cut piece of the middle tile into the edge space.

All done!

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