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Safety Flooring

February 8, 2015

The term safety flooring refers to anti-slip and slip-resistant floor coverings that are designed to have traction underfoot especially in wet areas. Over the last twelve months, we have been undertaking an extensive refurbishment project at the National Theatre in London SE1. One of the key areas covered was Nora anti-slip rubber flooring to service corridors, behind bars, changing rooms and where they create theatre sets. Did you know that the National Theatre now has the largest theatre set making area in London?!

The most popular places we install safety flooring is in toilets and kitchens. Portland vinyl is our biggest seller and is well known for having little chips built into the surface which causes the traction underfoot.

There are different installation methods with safety floor. If a floor has to be entirely watertight, then we use the Cap and Cove method—where we run the vinyl up the wall, and it tucks into a capping strip. Other methods include a sit on skirting where we fit the vinyl to the walls and the stick on a skirting that lips over the vinyl. We also regularly install safety flooring to the perimeter walls and install a bead of mastic to the perimeter.

Check out our gallery for pictures of the St Mary Magdalene Academy where we installed over 1400m² of safety flooring including a logo and cap and coved vinyl in the chemistry classrooms.

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